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Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel The Tibetan Spaniel is a highly intelligent dog coming from the mountainous regions of Tibet. These little dogs were originally bred in the monasteries of Tibet where the monks held them in high esteem. They were used as watchdogs and warned of approaching visitors by their barking. These characteristics are still found in … Continued

Coton de Tulear

A breed that has gained recognition and popularity in many countries in more recent years. Introduced to France long before its official recognition in 1970, this newcomer from Madagascar quickly acquired a prominent position amongst the companion dogs of this country. The ancestors of the Bichon breeds accompanied sailors on voyages throughout the Mediterranean. The … Continued


Labrador March 2020 Originally a Water Dog of Newfoundland for retrieving fowl, the Labrador Retriever was brought to England in the early 1800’s, recognised by his close coat which runs water off like oil and above all, an otter tail & known for good looks & style as a retriever, trial & shooting dog. The … Continued


An ancient breed, dating back to 2000BC, when spotted dogs appeared on Greek and Egyptian wall murals, showing them working with the chariots of ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Origins are unknown with the name originating from Dalmatia, Croatia but there is little evidence as to why they were such named other than that they … Continued

Japanese Spitz

German Spitz and the Japanese Spitz obviously have much the same ancient origins – just different modern origins. The early modern forerunner to the German Spitz popularised in England from the 18th Century by George 1 and his German wife and descendants and the Japanese Spitz developed in Japan and shown as far back in … Continued

Afghan Hound

There is the question of how much one does to present a breed such as an Afghan. This is one heck of a glamorous breed with a great air of arrogance required. The hardest coats to maintain as puppies will be your Blacks or Black & Tans. They can appear dehydrated before the golds and … Continued

Bull Terrier

Born of a time when gentlemen bred for gentlemen with a great sense of fair play, the Bull Terrier harks back to around 1835 and thought to come from the Bulldog and the White English Terrier and gained size with the Spanish Pointer. Though shown most everywhere but the USA as the one variety, the … Continued

Shih Tzu

Known sometimes as the Chrysanthemum faced dog due to the facial hair growing in all directions, this study little companion dog has proud ancestry and noble beginnings. A hard to beat contender one has to appreciate that all that glamour comes from diligent and long-planned months of work. A good coat does not just “happen”. … Continued


The smiling happy face of the Samoyed is one that lights up the ring as someone said “with the face and heart of the spirit of Xmas the whole year through”. His traditions as the companion, shepherd and sled dog to the nomadic Samoyedic people gave him the unique traits of the happy endearing personality … Continued


These smart looking dogs of each of the 3 sizes and 4 colours and have been big winners in the ring around the globe. miniature, standard or giant. Again, this is a breed where the purists tend not to want to do anything with shaping of the coat and others go gung-ho. If you follow … Continued

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