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Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

The lively GBGV, a French scent hound of ancient origin, is a compact, bold hunter with an overall rough, unrefined outline. This casual and tousled appearance should never appear exaggerated nor trimmed or sculpted. This is the dog who should look as if he has had a bad hair day compared to the spruceness and neatness of many of the show dogs we see in the conformation ring who are variously trimmed, hand stripped, blow-dried, fluffed and primped.

A relatively new starter in the show ring from only the 1990s, the GBGV and their small cousins the PBGV has been swept up in the excitement of a wonderful new find for the dedicated show people who have found this happy, extroverted little dog an easier piece of work than many others.

With the emphasis on rough, harsh, tousled, unrefined outline etc there has been a temptation to present this breed as rough and harsh as can be and a good number are shown unwashed or washed well before show day to allow the coat to regain its harshness.

The issue has been with many harsh coated breeds is bathing often softens a coat and allows the coat to sit open rather than laying down. This has now been resolved using Plush Puppy Texture + Shampoo is another product formulated using the latest technology to retain and improve coat texture. Recommended to thoroughly yet gently cleanse and deodorise the coat of Terriers and other wire, harsh or coarse coated breeds without softening or compromising texture. It’s ideal for boosting body and coarseness in coats of all colours and coat types. Formulated to be pH controlled, creates/ maintains texture, easy to rinse out and low irritant with a subtle apple fragrance. Incorporates Gentian Root Extract, Juniper Fruit Extract, St John’s Wort Leaf Extract, Norway Spruce Leaf Extract, Hayflower Extract, Lemon Balm Leaf Extract, Arnica Flower Extract. Use at 1:10 or apply undiluted directly to areas requiring cleansing. Rinse thoroughly.

On the white use, the Plush Puppy Herbal Whitening Shampoo diluted 3:1 (i.e. 3 parts water to one part shampoo) for the white areas. This has a great tonal effect for reducing unwanted warm tones. This can be used with Plush Puppy Texture + Shampoo as it retains texture. For difficult stubborn stained white areas switch to Plush Puppy Wonder Blok this product is one of our proudest achievements in helping to maintain a white stain free coat. It is not a bleach and contains no harmful chemicals but with the use of modern technology and high amounts of naturally sourced vegetable surfactants and glycerin. This product is designed to remove gently unwanted warm/red tones to the coat. Best used on a damp/wet coat. Gently rub into the areas required allowing time (5-10 minutes) and rinse. For maximum effects repeat or allow a longer time for this amazing product to work. As with all products take care around eyes.

The face, head, and eyes are key to this breed. Those expressive eyes need care so use Plush Puppy Let’s Face It – an amazing product for faces using the very latest technology combined with natural holistic properties. Its tearless formula with anti-inflammatory benefits is hypoallergenic. Key ingredients are Blue Cypress extracts, panthenol and Pro Vit B. Apply a golf ball-sized amount directly to the face and eyes, massage in without causing any irritation. In addition, can be used on ears for the same benefits.

Never, never, never use a conditioner. This will flatten and soften the harshest of coats – the last thing you want for your GBGV. Use instead for hydration, healthy vigour and shine, the Plush Puppy Seabreeze Oil in your final rinse. Use at the ratio of 1 teaspoon to 1 gal/4 L of water. Sponge well through the coat to the skin and leave in – do not rinse. This will not soften nor flatten the coat but allow you to moisturise and maintain a healthy continuity with the coat.

Blow-dry and spray with Plush Puppy Ruffy Tuffy Coat Spray layer upon layer – in other words, spray and allow a few seconds to pass and spray once again and keep repeating till the desired level of harshness is achieved. This product is neither sticky nor difficult to work with and is totally water soluble without buildup to the coat. It does, however, allow you to gain the correct texture instantly.

The other option to increase texture is to use our innovative new product for cleaning and deodorising, Plush Puppy Powder Puff Terrier.  Plush Puppy went way out of left field to create this product for Terriers and other harsh coated breeds. There really is nothing quite like it anywhere and we have had resounding success with all the coats we have used it on. It just gives you the chance to keep the coat clean, smelling fresh and have a rock hard coat. Truly! It’s unbelievable the amount of texture you can create with this product. A wondrous powder that has no talc nor chalk in its makeup, this naturally sourced product leaves a light fragrance of mandarin and ginger. Simply a light sprinkle through the coat using enough to reach down to the skin by ruffling with your fingers or brush and either keep brushing till you remove excess residue or even better, blow it out with the blow dryer. Bingo! instant clean and amazing texture. Perfect for use before stripping the coat.

Of course, we also have Plush Puppy Wonder Wash which is a self-rinse product that really does clean sparkling white and that has been the mainstay so far for the GBGV’s.

On any stains use Plush Puppy Cover Up Cream with a light dab onto a barely damp sponge and pat lightly onto any stained or less than white areas that ought to be white. Add a flurry of chalk to dry and then brush. For legs use Plush Puppy Chalkestral Apply evenly to areas before chalking. Either put a small amount into your hands and rub together to “warm-up” and then rub into the area. Or swipe a small amount into a damp sponge and evenly rub/wipe into the area. Appy chalk or white powder with brush immediately. A unique product that conditions the coat to minimise chalk dry out plus adheres chalk to coat. Totally water soluble
this stays on the coat well and will last the day till washed off Last minute stuff is to brush the coat up and using a Plush Puppy Ultimate Slicker Brush which is an oval cushioned pin brush. Finish off with a Plush Puppy Anti-Static Porcupine Brush for a smoother look from the half bristle/half nylon cushioned action.

Plush Puppy HOLD is a strong sculpting spray scientifically formulated for shaping all types of coats on Show Dogs. The quick-drying formulation won’t become sticky and will not build-up. HOLD can be removed with ease by simply shampooing the coat. Contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to improve elasticity, moisture retention, and flexibility in their coat hair. We recommend using and storing at normal room temperature for a perfect mist spray. Optimum spray distance is approximately 30cm (12 inches).

So, lastly, you are almost ready with your “easy option” dog. Nothing is work free after all but we have endeavoured to give you what you seek to achieve and to do it as quickly and readily as possible. Don’t forget a good light spray of Plush Puppy Odour Muncher prior to ring time. I am of the school that believes that judges use more than their eye to judge, using their hands and nose too. Let their hands be clean and their noses not offended is my golden rule. You can mist a bit of Plush Puppy Shine and Comb which is a glamour shine spray made of the wondrous new multiple molecule silicones available these days – at some cost, I might add – that are totally water soluble and never build up. They are truly the new generation in ingredients – a far cry from the devilish old silicones that set like concrete and built up like old layers of paint causing the coat to become brittle. Yuk! Sadly the legacy lingers on and some people have not yet caught onto the new advances of the modern though expensive silicones which some manufacturers are still not prepared to put into the products.

You will be so confident with your bold little character – this hardy, little hunter of robust construction that should be able to work through a day’s hunting hare and rabbits or even feathered game if called to do so. Your Petit (small) as the Americans call him or your

The Grand is a key player of the dog world with his unkempt tousled coat and longer legs powering free at all speeds with a great drive from the rear, which will satisfy the most discerning of judges with his perfectly correct coat texture. No longer do you need to feel nervous about having to clean and groom this wonderful dog.

Plush Puppy Australia

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