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Scottish Terrier

From the moment you clap eyes on that varminty expression and see the heads up/tails up attitude, you just know that this breed is a little power pack. Not affectionately nicknamed “Old Diehard” for nothing, this determined little fellow was bred to hunt badgers and foxes and has been adored and owned by many famous … Continued

Shetland Sheepdog

The remote Shetland Islands lay between the northernmost tip of Scotland and Norway and were settled by the Norse (Vikings) in 920 AD. These settlers brought with them cattle, sheep and dogs; archaeological remains of the dogs indicate they were of typical Spitz decent resembling what we now know as Buhund and related breeds. It … Continued

Shiba Inu

The smallest and oldest of all Japanese dogs, the Shiba Inu was originally bred to hunt large game such as boar and bear in the mountainous regions of Japan working the underbrush from which his name is reportedly derived. Known as the “Little Brushwood Dog” he was given official recognition as a precious natural product … Continued

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the “original Bull Terrier”, simply a re-named version of the old fashioned ‘Bull and Terrier”. He was manufactured by crossing the old-fashioned Bulldog; known for his strength and ferocity in the sport of Bear Baiting, with the quicker, more agile old English Terrier. The history of Bull Baiting goes back … Continued

Swedish Vallhund

Quite a small cattle and sheep herder, nonetheless, the Swedish Vallhund is known as a big dog in a small body.  He has endurance and is a powerful and sturdily built spitz blended with intelligence and even temper. Believed to be descended from the Vikings era over 1,000 years ago and down through the centuries … Continued

Tibetan Mastiff

The overall impression of the Tibetan should always be one of substance. This dog must exhibit that powerful, well-built appearance with a good thick double coat featuring coarse guard hair and a heavy mane. It is a stunning dog to behold. His coat must retain texture so do not be tempted to condition this coat … Continued

Tibetan Terrier

Brought originally from the “Lost Valley” of Tibet to England in the 1920’s and introduced from there to the USA in 1956, the Tibetan Terriers (TT) have always been highly prized as “Luck Bringers” by the lamas for 2,000 years. Technically not a Terrier and loosely associated only because of size they make wonderful and … Continued


A wonderful hunting dog with great speed and stamina, the Weimaraner appears to have a coat that is rather no nonsense but as with all short coated show dogs, it is not simply a case of wash & wear when your intent is to have that dog coat show ready all year round. All dogs … Continued


The Akita developed much of his modern appearance somewhere in the 17th Century as a versatile hunter.  He is the typical arctic/snow country coat that is a double coat with a thick undercoat and straight harsh outer coat. Their appearance is one of strength and substance with heavy bone thus his presentation within the show … Continued


Originally a barge dog from Holland, this medium-sized, handsome dog is quite a lively and smart participant at dog shows. Now we are one’s to harp on the importance of that ‘silhouette’ of every breed – that figure the dog cuts out in the line-up on both the stack and the move. Your quest is … Continued

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