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This is a breed of great character, history, and charm. Their unique lion-like look, with that beautiful face framed with glorious ears along with trailing pants and profuse tail over their back. All this makes for not only a great companion but a force to be reckoned with in the show ring.

Throughout history, many said the Pekingese shouldn’t be bathed for various reasons but mainly to not soften the coat. Some still don’t but others have realised that through technology we have able shampoos that can cleanse without over softening the coat. We shall give our ideas on grooming on both.

The Peke’s coat is a double coat with its longer straight, coarser outer coat and soft thick undercoat. The mane is longer with feathering on the ears, back of legs, feet, pants, and tail. The aim is to have a correct textured coat that is it all its glory of profuse yet not too much to take away from the natural outline and shape.

Washing is important for the health of both skin and coat growth. When bathing use Plush Puppy All Purpose Shampoo at a greatly diluted rate of 1:20 (1 part shampoo to 20 parts warm water in a squeeze bottle). This rate reduces the froth and bubbles when bathing and doesn’t cause to soften the coat as much. For those dogs that are out of coat or an area that could use more coat (ears, tail or pants) use Plush Puppy Body Building Shampoo. This can be used at a higher dilution rate of 1:10.

The Peke’s feature is its face hence why we highly recommend using Plush Puppy Let’s Face It – what the dog showing world has needed for way too long. Another one of the famous Plush Puppy products with the latest technology and the highest amounts of naturally sourced ingredients has developed a product that is a must! This is a hypoallergenic sulfate free low foaming shampoo designed for faces. It’s no tear formula with the highest quality Blue Cypress Extracts, Panthenol with Pro-Vitamin B and SugaNate. These special ingredients clean soothe, adds moisture, aids healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. A small golf ball sized amounts directly to the face and eye area allows you to thoroughly clean without causing irritation. Can be used in and around ears also with the same benefits. Its low foaming design allows easy of rinsing yet complete cleaning.

After bathing it’s normal to use conditioner, this however on a double coat often softens the coat too much. There are two unique options available, 1 is to use Plush Puppy Reviva Coat. A remarkable “leave in” product designed to moisturise all types of coats without leaving them greasy or feeling oily. This amazing formula really gets results. Brilliant for conditioning coats that cannot take a regular conditioner e.g. where you need to retain fullness, or coats that need a totally non-greasy conditioning. Great for disentangling and reducing knots. Use by applying small amounts to your hand and massaging throughout the coat but apply more to the bottom half of the ears, all the pants and tail. Leave in for a short while and then rinse. This product hydrates and protects the coat yet doesn’t over soften.

Alternatively, you can use a diluted mix of Plush Puppy Coat Rescue. Coat Rescue has been specifically formulated to help dry or damaged coats. Coat Rescue’s naturally blended essential oils and pure plant extracts help restore strength and elasticity to dehydrated and tired coat hair.

Dilute 1:5 ( 1 part coat rescue to 5 parts warm water) this allows easy application to the coat. The same as Reviva coat apply and massage into the coat and extra attention to ears, pants, and tail. Leave in for 5 minutes and then rinse. This is excellent for a treatment to help rehydrate an “old” coat or trying to grow more featherings.

For those that let’s use the term “Old School” and prefer not to bath or just those at some show without access to a bath and have had an accident. Plush Puppy has Powder Puff Regular. This amazing scientifically formulated powder is a gentle and deodorizing way to thoroughly cleanse the coat. A light sprinkle on the coat and a thorough brush is all that is required. The unique ingredients work their magic with no harsh chemicals and leave the coat with a light and fresh lemon and ginger fragrance.

Please note that Plush Puppy Powder Puff also comes in a Terrier formula. This is perfect for those softer coats that require a little added texture. A very, very light sprinkle is all that is needed. Apply and then gently brush in. A very discrete yet noticeable coat texture difference.

Brushing is the key to the quality and health of any coat. The Peke by design is low to the ground and has a tendency to be a magnet to everything. We suggest Plush Puppy OMG. A revolutionary grooming spray combining all the aspects of latest technology with old fashioned common sense – it works!. Repels dirt. Completely water-soluble. Will, not build-up. Effortless disentangler.  Dilute to suit individual coat needs. If you wonder why we called it O.M.G, you will surely understand when you use it.

This is perfect as a grooming spray for both at home or the show. Its special formulation at be adjusted to suit both. A normal grooming spray at 1:20 for those heavy coats or as light as 1:40 for that show freshen up.

Many Peke people wrap coats for two reasons. One the obvious is to grow coat by protecting the coat from abrasion and dehydration. The other is to allow the dog to more easily enjoy life. That romp in the wet garden, or that playing hide and seek in the bushes with their friends is so much nicer with all that long hair neatly out of the way.

The key to wrapping is making sure there is adequate hydration of the coat. This protects the coat and reduces any matting or felting. An application of Plush Puppy Reviva Coat is perfect. A golf ball size amount into the hands and work through the area before wrapping works a treat.

Traveling with a Peke and those mid-week clean-ups are always a joy. Having those wonderful pants looks so pretty but why oh why is it 10 mins until ring time !!!! For those show or home emergency’s, there are 2 alternatives. 1 Plush Puppy Wonder Wash. A brilliant quick self rinsing solution for all ringside emergencies. Good for a quick spritz when a regular shampooing is not an option e.g. towel main body of coat with a warm wet towel and use Wonder Wash on shorter stubborn areas. Not designed for use as an all-over body shampoo. Designed to clean, whiten and brighten or add zing to coats of all colours without bleaching. A gentle formula without harsh chemicals. Contains optical brighteners, apple fragrance and violet tone. Use as directed – Shake well and spray onto coat. Massage to a lather and towel dry against the growth of the coat.

Or as mentioned before Plush Puppy Powder Puff Regular. Clean excess mess on the area. Apply a small amount of powder, rub in and allow to work and then brush out. This can be repeated until the area is clean and dry. This also can be used with PP Wonder Wash to increase drying time.

There is a multitude of brushes on the market. Many vary in quality and design. Plush Puppy Ultimate range of brushes is what sets us apart from the others. The range is exclusive to Plush Puppy and manufactured in Germany using only the very finest of components’. The specially designed handle is ergonomically shaped to be a pleasure to use. The hand rounded pins in varying lengths or the natural boar bristles right down to the exclusive soft cushion base is what makes these brushes so special.

There are some magic secrets for those that need that added oomph to the coat. Plush Puppy Volumising Spray is that added extra for the finishing touches. A light spray and then brush in. Perfect for those ears to help frame the face. Great for use on the tail or pants to just add that extra volume where you need it. Use Volumising Spray ‘Ready to Use’ for quicker, easier and fuller coat results either before blow-drying or Use to ‘fluff’ up the coat before the show. This is a hair thickener, not a hair stiffener and not easily detectable

At shows, a light mist of Plush Puppy Odour Muncher is the finishing touch. Apply as part of your finishing preparation for the ring for a beautiful, clean, fresh smell. Different from all the rest! This fabulous deodoriser literally munches the offending odours – others just mask. Plus it smells divine.

Well, you have prepared your Pekingese for the show, your hard work and dedication to looking after that coat has paid off. You can proudly take this amazing breed into the ring and making that judge’s heart sing. There is nothing like a Pekingese…..just ask them!

Plush Puppy Australia

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