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Unleash superior results every time

Established on a concept of producing superior coat care for all dogs, from champion show dogs to cherished companions, Plush Puppy® is dedicated to manufacturing high quality, results-driven grooming products for serious show exhibitors, professional groomers and pet lovers from all corners of the globe.

Family owned and operated Plush Puppy® was founded by the late Cheryl LeCourt, a passionate show exhibitor and esteemed Australian hairdresser who recognised the need for a specialised range of dog grooming products that bring out the winning edge.

Pioneering a range of highly effective cleansing, conditioning and styling products that deliver the results they promise, each Plush Puppy® product is scientifically formulated and packed with enriching active ingredients that are as nourishing and beneficial for the skin as they are for the coat.

Today, over 20 years later, our commitment to quality and our devotion to innovation continues to revolutionise Dog Grooming across the globe and we hope you enjoy exploring our extensive coat care range.

Plush Puppy Products are created through passion for results combined with science. Thus giving a ultimate performance, results driven product. Education is the key to good product use. Used correctly on the right coat the results are BRILLIANT !! Wrong products on the wrong coat – not so good!!This is where my expertise and knowledge comes into making your coat dreams come true. Let me introduce myself. I am Ashleigh Oldfield, Aussie ex-pat now living and loving it in the USA. My passion is dogs, I am a Professional Handler/Groomer in the USA. I have successfully campaigned dogs in four countries. I am dedicated to my craft. Over the years I have come across many products that in all sincerity just don’t stack up. Plush Puppy has never let me down. And now I am excited to be your New distributor in the USA.I am here for all those questions that have never been answered, or all those questions you just didn’t know who to ask. I love that wherever I go, I now get the opportunity to assist my fellow dog lovers in falling in love with a product I truly believe in. The results speak for themselves, not just in the show ring but for my pet owners too. Every aspect of coat care has been thought of. This page is here to assist you. Any questions, concerns ask away. I am here to help you create that PERFECT silhouette on your dog. Are your ready for the Plush Puppy Revolution.

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