Cover Up Cream

Discolouration Cover

Plush Puppy Cover Up Cream works to cover up stains and discolouration on coats, this must have cream works on red or worn elbows and is excellent to brighten whites. This smooth white cream allows stains to appear reduced and can be used alone or as a prechalker.

Suitable: Use on white coated areas that are medium to short length. Ideal for use on muzzle, legs, hock areas on breeds such as Boxers, Border Collies, Whippets, Bull Terriers etc and inside ears for fuller coated look on Samoyeds or Siberians.

Directions: Use with a barely damp sponge. Apply a small amount to the sponge and then very lightly build up coverage as required layer by layer.  Once covered apply powder or chalk as required whilst cream is drying. Brush off excess once dry.



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