Volumizing Spray

Ready to use

Plush Puppy Volumizing Spray is remarkable product in a convenient ready to use formulation that increases the diameter of each hair and therefore creates a thicker and fuller appearance.  Fantastic for those “out of coat” situations and will not leave a sticky residue or unwanted stiffness.  The coat looks and feels natural.

Suitable: Plush Puppy Volumizing Spray is ideal for all coat types who want to increase fullness to the appearance of the coat. This may be due to coat drop or just thinner coats. Perfect for double-coated breeds.

How to apply: Plush Puppy Volumizing Spray is designed to be sprayed on the area requiring a boost t the coat.  An even spray to a dry or just damp coat, brush in to achieve even results.  Do not rinse.  Then blow-dry up against the growth of the coat.  It can be used at shows, a light spray, brush, and dry to refresh coats. m coat on areas that require boosting. It can be sprayed to a dry or damp coat then brush in to achieve results. Do not rinse and then blow dry up against the growth of the coat. Volumizing Spray can also be used at shows, use a light spray and brush to refresh coat.



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