T.L.C Coat Conditioner

'Easy To Use' Spray Conditioner

Plush Puppy T.L.C – A revolutionary innovative spray “Leave-in” or “Rinse-Out’ coat conditioner specially formulated with a lower viscosity to be sprayed without compromising concentration or richness of ingredients.  Moisturises and detangles with excellent shine, light coconut fragrance.  Can be used as a normal conditioner and rinsed out or as a conditioner treatment and left in.

Suitable: Plush Puppy T.L.C Coat Conditioner is ideal for all colours and coat textures, it’s easy to use formula allows control on amount used.

Directions: To use Plush Puppy T.L.C Coat Conditioner, spray mist onto a wet or dry coat. Massage through.  Leave-in or rinse out for required results.