Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush

Ultimate Grooming Brush

 Plush Puppy Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush – Our meticulously designed Ultimate Soft Slicker has a very special cushion design to gain the softness required by the best Professional Groomers.  The stainless steel pins have been designed at the optimum angle for softness and effectiveness.  The handle is the highest quality Beechwood.  A ‘must-have’ brush in every professional groomers kit.  Ideal for de-matting and individualistic coat.  Truly the best slicker on the market.  Ergonomically designed for the groomer with maximum brush contact for efficiency of brushing and softness.  This brush is made to last.

Exclusive to Plush Puppy.



  • Handle is made from premium Beechwood
  • Angled stainless steel pins
  • Aerolastic secure rubber base


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